Continuous, reliable, rugged water sensors

Water proof technology

When you need to know what’s in the water, you need the science of water monitoring. Phathom’s multi-beam sensors deliver Total Suspended Solids and turbidity readings you can rely on.

Continuous, reliable, rugged water sensors

When you need to know what’s in the water, you need the science of water monitoring. Phathom’s multi-beam sensors deliver TSS and turbidity readings you can rely on.

They’re multi-beam

Phathom’s multi-beam turbidity sensors provide unrivalled accuracy that single-beam sensors simply can’t supply. Phathoms generate multiple light beams that are synthesized into a ratio-metric algorithm that, once calibrated, precisely calculates turbidity or total suspended solids and self-compensates for common sources of measurement error.

Listening to nature’s voice

They're tough

Phathom sensors come in a rugged package developed to endure harsh mining environments and high-pressure industrial processes. They’ve proven their worth standing up to water hammer, temperature shocks, and all the other challenges of active sites. With a durable, single-piece polypropylene head, Phathom sensors won’t let you down.

They’re cost-effective

Phathom sensors don’t require the expense of multiple site visits, unlike grab sampling, and they’re economical on power, unlike single-beam sensors that have to run mechanical wipers. With their sophisticated yet simple design, Phathom sensors are highly affordable. All that makes Phathom sensors a great return on investment even before you bank the financial benefits of having accurate data.


There aren’t too many power sockets in nature so Phathom sensors don’t just work on mains power, they can also work on low power supply from a 5V battery. Coupled with a solar panel to recharge them, they can last for years. Other sensors might be power-hungry, but not Phathom.

Good connectivity

To hear nature’s voice, you need to stay connected. Phathom sensors can be used with the most open platforms, 4-20mA, Modbus RS485 and SDI-12, making it compatible with a broad range of telemetry options. With Phathom sensors, you’re always online.

Simple set-up

Phathom sensors are easy to install, use, and maintain. They’re designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, and you can calibrate them against international standards or directly against the site you want to monitor. Phathom sensors aren’t just sophisticated, they’re beautifully simple too.

Find the sensor for your project

Phathom sensors have wide-ranging applications, from construction, to industry, to agriculture, to municipal. If you need to monitor turbidity or TSS, there’s a Phathom sensor for your project.