Continuous water monitoring that's
always current

Real-time Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids sensors that are accurate, reliable, rugged, and easy to use. Phathom multibeam sensors are low-power and have good connectivity, enabling continuous protection of the environment at the optimal cost to business.

Listening to nature’s voice

Water sustains and nurtures life on earth. A passion for water lies deep in New Zealand’s culture, originating with the indigenous Māori people who are the first inhabitants and protectors of this land.

Dr Haare Williams, a respected kaumatua (Māori elder) explains, “Kaitiakitanga is the law of reciprocity which means that a user of a resource like a fishing ground is simultaneously a guardian to protect the resource.” Phathom sensors help achieve a balanced use of natural resources and, by listening to nature, help ensure the well-being of all.

Listening to nature’s voice

Adaptive management
is the future of
water well-being

Imagine being able to adapt to water events in real-time, instead of finding out after they’ve happened. Phathom sensors are bringing that future to life. Accurate, reliable, tough, and cost-effective, Phathom sensors can be networked to give you more control than ever before.

Other solutions are costly and inaccurate

Other solutions are costly and inaccurate

Grab samples require costly and time-consuming site visits, and they only give you point-in-time information. Single-beam turbidity sensors aren’t always accurate so you can’t rely on them, and they’re expensive. If you need to monitor, you need to do it right. You need a better solution.

Phathom turbidity sensors offer reliable, accurate, continuous monitoring

Phathom turbidity and TSS sensors provide sophisticated multi-beam technology in a rugged, durable package. Phathom’s self-compensating algorithms correct for measurement errors that other sensors can’t handle so you get real-time information, all the time.

highway and city with bright lights
highway and city with bright lights

Protecting the environment at the optimal cost to businesses

We designed Phathom sensors to be low-power with good connectivity, so they can be used everywhere that nature is and they’ll tell you when you need to intervene and when you don’t. With Phathom’s help, you can use your time and resources wisely and get the right result for nature at the optimal cost to your business.