Make the most of the IOT revolution with Phathom

Make the most of the IOT revolution with Phathom

The data revolution is here, and it’s creating huge opportunities for firms that embrace it.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s getting easier and easier to make savvy financial decisions and to do the right thing for the environment. For example, the IoT Alliance estimates that IoT uptake “could create $2.2 billion in net economic benefit for New Zealand over the next 10 years.” The good news is that Phathom sensors can help you share in this growth. 

The IoT simply means, “a collection of real life things that are connected to the internet. … These connected things collect and exchange data,” according to the IoT Alliance. With the ability to transmit data in real-time over the internet, Phathom sensors are built for this future.  

The power of IoT lies in the ability to analyse this data and use it to make better decisions.

Imagine a farmer who wants to know the effect they’re having on waterways. With Phathom sensors, they can track turbidity and suspended solids continuously and change what they’re doing on the spot, with no need to wait for lab analysis or inspectors to turn up on site. 

And doing the right thing for the environment is increasingly the right thing for business too.

Recently Paul Caples, IoT Product Manager at telecommunications company Spark, pointed out that banks are starting to look at a farm’s environmental monitoring and compliance data when they decide whether to extend a loan. 

Phathom’s smart water sensors have a combination of features that create a perfect opportunity to capture data from even the most remote locations.

They’re made to work with a wide range of telemetry through a 4-20mA, Modbus RS485, or SDI-12 connection. They’re also rugged so they can handle harsh, active environments, and they can work with a low-power supply—just a 5V battery will do the job, and if you add a solar panel to recharge the battery they can go for years. 

Companies that use this data to inform decision-making will ultimately create more value.

For example, if you’re a construction company and you want to maximise your operating time, then you want up-to-the-minute information about sediment and erosion control. 

In the past, your only option was sending an apprentice down to the retention pond to grab a water sample, hoping they do it right and then waiting for the lab analysis.

Now, Phathom sensors can show you exactly how you’re tracking against your site regulations so you can adjust your operations to keep them running without worrying about penalties or shutdowns.

The IoT is here to stay, and for those who are willing to embrace the future, there are more opportunities than ever.

Despite the opportunities, the IoT Alliance estimated that only 14% of New Zealand businesses were using an IoT solution. Maybe that’s because words like “revolution” can sound uncomfortable, and fear of change means there will always be some people who’ll just keep doing things they way they’ve always done them. 

But with Phathom as your partner, there’s no need to fear the future. Instead, you can be perfectly positioned to thrive.